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Server Administration

Server administration involves overseeing servers and networks to ensure they work well and safely. This includes routine tasks during business hours and more complex ones outside those times. The server administrator manages, optimizes, monitors, and troubleshoots servers and related parts.

Hosting Services

Hosting service involves renting space on a virtual server to run your application and store its data. This ensures global access to your app and its content anytime. The provider manages server functions and delivers information to user devices.

Safe and Secure

An SSL certificate verifies a website's identity and enables secure, encrypted connections. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) safeguards data between a web server and browser. Without it, hackers can access and expose sensitive business information from the website.

Dedicated Support

Our specialized team is dedicated to serving the logistics industry by providing valuable assistance for your application. We excel in upgrades, maintenance, and ongoing support, ensuring your system functions seamlessly. Count on us to understand your unique needs and deliver tailored solutions that keep your logistics operations running smoothly.

Server Administration

To ensure high performance and security, server administrators are responsible for completing an extensive list of tasks, such as:



$92.49 /mo

  • Server config

  • Support

  • Web Hosting

  • Server administration

Server Administration

$259.99 /mo/

  • Update and Maintenance

  • Backup program

  • Server monitoring

  • Optimization

  • Security against cyber-attacks

  • Data protection

SSL Security

$109.99 /year

  • Certificate generation

  • Configuration

  • Activation

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