We create Custom Software and Logistics Solutions that help integrate all facets of your business, with technology that is 100% scalable to the growth of your business.

Our Services

Implementation Roadmap

Discovery Meeting

Business challenges and requirements to prepare a project scope tailored to the needs of your solution.

Feasibility Analysis

The analysis includes: Client’s objectives, Challenges and risks, Solution brief, Scope of the proposal, Project costs.

Kick-off meeting with project manager

We will confirm the understandings and validate the scope of the proposal to move on to the tasks of assembling your solution.


As each module is assembled, early validations are performed with user testing to ensure a 100% functional and configured solution for your business.


At the end of the project you receive 12 months of technical support and functional enhancement updates.

Our History and Experience

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We comprise a team of seasoned professionals in the fields of logistics, software development, supply chain management, and e-commerce. Our collective experience spans over 15 years in conceiving innovative technologies tailored for companies within the logistics realm, encompassing entities of varying magnitudes.

What is the enabling factor?

Presenting Aris Software, a sophisticated platform facilitating the seamless incorporation or omission of components throughout the personalized logistics software customization journey.

What is it that you're seeking?

Backed by profound technical expertise and an intricate understanding of various business domains, we are well-equipped to consistently position you a step ahead in the competitive landscape.


Customer Dashboard

Facilitates the monitoring and management of logistics operations via a collaborative messaging platform for interacting with your customers. The platform encompasses the following features:

Commerce & Pricing

This tool serves as a comprehensive resource furnishing the commercial team with expeditious access to pertinent information and documentation pertaining to customer inquiries:

Strategic Planning and Operational Oversight

Exercise authoritative control over your logistics operations while meticulously strategizing each event and activity through an interface reminiscent of an airport-style Dashboard. Articulate and supervise every facet of your operation in a manner akin to your standard business processes:

Administrative and Business Intelligence (BI) Capabilities

This module stands as a comprehensive component, facilitating the meticulous configuration and execution of all administrative processes intertwined with the logistics operation of your enterprise:

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Our Solution will help you with:

Take a look at what our application can do for you.

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Aris is an application that can be used from any device: smartphone, tablet, computer, laptop.

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Improve communication with your customers by having real-time control of your operations.

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100% configurable to your actual business processes

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Control the documentation of your operation and maintain a digital archive associated with the business.

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Support and assistance service for ongoing application support

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Free Updates

Functional enhancement updates released by Potencia Technologies.